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    Guido’s Outdoors, Inc.
    125 Palasini Road
    Leland, MS 38756

    Dear Hunter

    When I go to hunting shows, I ask hunters the following questions:

    • Are you comfortable in your stand?
    • Are you pleased with your safety system?
    • Are you happy with the weight of a metal stand?
    • Are you concerned with the noise that metal stands make?

    If your answer is no to at least two out of the above four, you need to check the style of hunting our stand provides.

    For years hunters have been looking for a comfortable stand that doesn’t punish you when hunting long hours in a tree. You need a safety harness but it’s an item you have to keep up with. You have to hook it up AFTER you get in the stand. Most falls happen while climbing, descending or stepping into to stand. With Guido’s web, you are safe during all these maneuvers.

    Our stand is made in five custom sizes to give you, the hunter, a proper fit and allow you to hunt all day in comfort. If you fall, our harness forces you into a sitting position and will not let you fall head first into a tree. The weight of our medium and large stand is 8 lbs and the extra large weighs 9 ½ lbs. As for noise, the stand is quiet while you are walking to the stand site as well as when you are using it in the tree. Plus, it gives you the ability to shoot 360 degrees around the tree.

    Our stand has passed Industrial strength standards. The harness is made from 6,000 lb webbing, has 2 belts under the seat and back (12,000 lbs). The tether belt (tree belt) is made from 3800 lb per sq. inch, in 1st quality webbing (7600 lbs minimum). We use 4000 lb certified mountain climbing carabiners. The stand is sewed with 92 nylon thread and will last for many years of safe hunting. It is made right here in Mississippi, in the USA.

    So if you’re looking for something light, safe and comfortable, you need to give this stand a second look. It was developed over years of hunting by hunters!





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