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    Featuring Guido's Web - The Hunter's All-in-one Tree Stand






    Wrap 2" tether belt around tree and lock large carabiner over 2" tether belt





     Lock the 2 smaller carabiners to support belts on stand:

    NOTE: this style tether also has a bridge that allows you to change the angle of the seat left to right





    After you adjust tether to length needed for hunt--wrap excess belt around main belt



    When climbing or descending, always keep tether belt hooked to tree (to prevent a fall)






    Guido's Web is not your ordinary tree stand!
    "Click here to see why it isn't"


     Who is Guido?

    Guido (Butch) Palasini is an avid hunter and outdoorsman with over 45 years of bow and gun hunting experience. He has designed and makes Guido's Web based on this experience. Here, in his own words are some of the reasons why you should hunt with his Web



    Guido's Web is the only tree stand on the market to truly address a hunter's comfort while maintaining safety as a key component. Its patented design combines a tree stand and four-point harness into one. It has a lite-weight, comfortable, fully adjustable, and convenient design that replaces a lock-on stand. Guido's Web is the future of hunting.

    Features include:

    • Patented tree stand and 4-point harness in one.
    • light weight design - total weight 8 - 9.5 lbs. depending on size.
    • Adjustable and adaptable - Fits hunters of all shapes and sizes. Fits and functions like a backpack. Usable in warm or cold weather
    • Rated Weight: 300 pound limit.
    • Comfortable, durable, quiet, and strong - Rigid seat, adjustable full back support, Minimum 6000 lb. nylon & polyester seat belt webbing.
    • Constant rest to shoot - You are always in a shooting position.
    • Made using True Timber camouflage, Concealed Green Leaf pattern.
    • Mobility, concelment, camouflaged - Allows 360 degree shooting capability. Positioning behind tree helps screen you from game.
    • ATTENTION!! Minimum restriction to circulation in legs or respiratory area while hunting or if accidental fall occurs.

    Guido's Web can be used by bow hunters, blackpowder hunters, shotgun hunters, and rifle or pistol hunters.
    Guido's Web is also used by professional video and still photographers to film and photograph wildlife.

    Guido's Web is also adaptable to many of today's after market pouch accessories for lights, knives, radios, cell phones, etc. By adding one or more to a harness belt, each hunter can customize the stand with the gear he/she wishes to carry.

    Once you have selected your tree, drop the seat by releasing the two buckles over your shoulders and fasten the two straps between your legs to the side buckles to complete the four-point harness. Hook-up the tether belt to the tree and harness. Then safely climb the tree and just sit back and wait for the game to arrive. The seat contains a well padded aluminum plate to provide comfort and the back contains rigid, padded material to take the strain off your back.

    Guidos Web New pictures for website 3 23 2012 018

    Sit back, relax and wait for the game to appear


    When the game appears, SHOOT!



    With Guido's Web you have the option of being in a seated or standing position. When properly used there is little to no danger of falling and little danger of spooking game due to sudden movement or noise. Guido's Web is the only fully adjustable suspended harness stand that allows a hunter the ability to remain in a relaxed seated position or in a proper erect posture without the worry of early back fatigue, hip or leg numbness, or the other bodily stresses that limit a hunters ability to stay in a fixed position for prolonged periods of time.

    In the picture on the right below, note the new mini backpack attached to the back of the web which you can use to store your much needed items. Also note the belt-on steps attached to the tree, a great after-market accessory.

    Also note the Y shaped fork attached to the seat bottom to keep you away from cold, wet tree bark. Also, if your feet should slip, the brace will keep you from slamming into the tree trunk.

    In the picture on the left below, also note the Lumbar Belt for hunters that need extra back support. The Lumbar Belt is standard on all sizes.

    pic12 copy 342 copy2


    Positioning behind the tree gives the hunter concealment and a rest from which to shoot. The next series of photographs begin with the hunter seated facing West. From this position he can swing to the North or South for a shot without having to move the tether belt. By lifting on the two drop belts to relieve the tension on the tether belt, he can move 180 degrees from his present position. Note that you always have a full field of fire.

    Guidos Web New pictures for website 3 23 2012 037
    The hunter is facing East


    Guidos Web New pictures for website 3 23 2012 036

    Without moving the belt, the hunter swings to take a North shot


    Without moving the belt, the hunter can also swing to take a South shot

    Guidos Web New pictures for website 3 23 2012 038

    Here the hunter is standing, moving around to face West



    The hunter now faces West



    Also, the hunter can easily shoot 180 degrees from where he is facing



    Guido's Outdoors also makes an optional lineman belt for Guido's Web. It can be used on trees up to 24 inches in diameter and is made from the same strong material as Guido's Web's main tree belt (a two inch wide belt). The photos below show the hunter using the optional lineman belt along with the tether belt to climb around a limb. (Note: Not all stands have a support belt loop which is why two photos are shown.)

    pic3 pic4

    This photo shows the two belt climbing system. Here both belts are connected to the tree, the main belt below limb and the lineman belt above limb. By using the lineman belt to safely climb by limbs, you stay 100% hooked at all times. 


    If you are a rifle shooter, Guido's Web allows you to use the tree as a steady rest to improve accuracy.


    If you are a bow hunter, Guido's Web allows you to shoot standing using proper form with full length draw.


    We invite you to watch our Instructional Video DVD which comes with each stand click here for Part 1. click here for Part 2..

    Guido's Web

    We use your height, and waist and coat sizes to determine what size of Guido's Web will fit you.

    Click here to use our Sizing Guide to help determine the size you need

    Guido's Web is truely the future of hunting. Once you try one, you will not want to go back to a fixed position stand. This is the new way of hunting, unlike any other. It is VERSATILE and it's COMFORTABLE!!! But you need to try it for yourself.

    We are so sure you will like Guido's Web that we make the following promise. If you are not pleased with Guido's Web you may return it within 30 days, intact (complete, no damage), for a full refund.

    Five year limited warranty on Guido's Web. Our services are second to none.


    For more detailed information:
    Call us at 662-686-2130
    Anytime between 8:AM and 8:PM Central Time.
    or email us.


    If you are a Guido's Web owner, send us an email telling us about your experience using it. Include pictures if you have them.



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